Councils & Committees

Parish Pastoral Council

In accord with the norms of the Diocese of Manchester, each parish it to have a Parish Pastoral Council whose purpose is to assist the pastor in his leadership role of planning, organizing, initiating, promoting, coordinating and reviewing the evangelization, worship, religious education/formation and service activities within the parish.

2023 Parish Pastoral Council Members

  • Vacant, Chair
  • Jessica DePrizio Cole, Director of Faith Formation (ex officio)
  • Moe Cozzo, Buildings and Grounds
  • Amy Longmoore, Administrative Assistant (ex officio)
  • Kathy Snyder, Faith Formation
  • Chuck Wira, Parish Relations

Parish Finance Council

In accordance with Church law (CIC no. 1280) and the norms of the Diocese of Manchester, every parish is to have a parish finance council which serves as an advisory body to the pastor. The finance council assists in:

  • the preparation of the annual budget;
  • monitoring finance reports and the annual budget;
  • assuring a presentation of the financial statements to the parish annually;
  • the implementation of diocesan financial policies;
  • the pastor’s evalution of parish finances and the administration of properties.

2023 Finance Council Members

  • Kevin O’Leary, chair
  • Patricia Anderson
  • Amy Longmoore
  • Gwendolen Gensler
  • Ralph Hammock
  • Janice Pilon-Decker