Hearts Open to the World

Hearts Open to the World (HOW) started in 2011 with 7 parishioners and Father Francis traveling to Kenya as an initiative of St. Denis Catholic Church in Hanover, NH to befriend and serve the people of western Kenya. From this trip and guided by our principles of caring for all of God’s people, solidarity with the poor and the vulnerable, and the call to family, community, and participation, HOW was born to serve those in need.

Our partners and initiatives include: 

St. Denis Konditi School: Working with IKODI, HOW supports the education of 350 students as well as programs like: daily lunch for all students; our Orphan Feeding Program; High School Scholarships for 23 students; our newly formed student enrichment program which includes Art, Music, Home-Economic and Physical Education; a Girls Empowerment Program; Leadership and Business Training for a Women’s Sewing Initiative Group; a new cooking facility for their lunch program.

Our Lady of Grace School: HOW is currently educating 328 students in Pre-K-8 and 348 students overall including HS scholarships. HOW contributions help to provide a tuition-free quality education, spiritual growth as well as breakfast and lunch each day for these needy and vulnerable children. We contribute to classroom repairs, provide books and new desks for classrooms, and fund additional food for our growing student population along with High School Scholarships for 20 students.

Nyakach Sub-County Hospital: The hospital established a strategic plan to improve hygiene and sanitation throughout its facility, which serves 45,000 people in Nyakach County. In 2017, HOW committed to help the hospital fund the construction of a deep water well to provide a consistent source of clean water. In 2021, HOW provided additional funds for the construction of 5 modern bathrooms for patients to replace the existing pit latrines throughout the hospital facility.

Thanks, from the Kenyan community: Through your generosity, vital improvements that have and continue to take place are making a difference in the lives of children at the St. Denis Konditi School, Our Lady of Grace School, and patients at Nyakach Hospital. On their behalf, we the members of HOW sincerely thank you for your continued kindness and generosity. Asanté Sana (thank you!) to the parishioners of St. Denis! 

Further information:

Contact: Haley Goeckel Lipinski (hg.lipinski@gmail.com), Mary Durand (maryd56205@gmail.com), or Bridget Mudge (bomudge51@gmail.com) 

2023-2024 Committee Members:            

Chair: Haley Goeckel Lipinski, Nicholas Lipinski, Chuck and Madelyn Wira, Suzanne Lyons, Fred and Mary Ann Salvatoriello, Mary Durand, Theresa Bryant, Father Jacob-Bertrand Janczyk, Janice Pilon, Sarah Wraight, Peter and Joyce Flanigan, Tracy Walsh, Francis Kennedy, Stephen Suh, Ruth Perrinez, Randy and Bridget Mudge

Donations to HOW:

You may donate by check or online. If by check, Please make it payable to “Hearts Open To The World” and if online, please note there will be a fee for paying by credit card. The fee is waived if paying by ACH.

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